Post Post

Even though they are from the beautiful and bright wide open spaces town that is Bloomington, IN, the Post takes on the responsibility of harnessing the darkly introspective side that lurks there, but with a grain of the former. Their musical non-formulaic approach to the dark is filtrated through a vague '80s-style of UK jazz-pop bordering on minimalism and post-rock, slightly along the lines of Godspeed You Black Emperor! and certainly giving a nod to the likes of fellow musical and mental dwellers Low. The vocalist sounds as if he is an English version of the Talking Heads' David Byrne trapped wandering in an exotic American desert. Discordant guitar and Bauhaus-style pulsing bass adds to the bizarre semi-electronic tapestry and the end result is that the listener is treated to a hallucinatory landscape that is like listening only to the Surround Sound channel mix of a movie soundtrack. Although this all somewhat comes across as esoteric and exclusive, for those into "challenging" music, it is not. It is highly palatable and accessible listening for the masses, albeit a dangerously charming tool that can be used to hypnotise your houseguests. (Paper Thin Surprises)