P.O.S. "Fuck Your Stuff" (video)

P.O.S. 'Fuck Your Stuff' (video)
P.O.S. shows some major disdain for the material in the new video for We Don't Even Live Here cut "Fuck Your Stuff."

Things go from Sinbad to Sinworse early on, as the rapper chucks a six-string featuring a huge sticker of the Different World dorm director into an alley blaze. From there, the Minneapolis rhymer drops commercial society-critiquing lines about "scuffin' up your Nikes [and] spittin' on your whip." He also praises the act of pissing in a fancy automobile, and the crew ends up tagging some fat cat's bright-white convertible.

The clip is convincing in its message, with every logo is scrubbed from P.O.S. and his pals' gear. At the same time, you think they could've maybe opted to buy some non-graphic, less obviously affiliated tees? No matter how hard they try, they just can't escape the machine.

As previously reported, the Bon Iver- and Boys Noize-assisted We Don't Even Live Here drops October 23 through Rhymesayers.