Population Reduction Each Birth a New Disaster

Good tongue-in-cheek grind never gets old. If it did, Anal Cunt, well, they’d still do it anyway. Tossing their hat into the full-length ring, San Francisco duo Population Reduction unleash 15 blasts of rage rarely clocking in over two minutes apiece. It’s about all you need when featuring only drums, guitar and vocals, and your songs range in subject matter from "Black Metal Beach Party” to "Amish Meth Dealer,” and being "Hash Smoking Grind Freaks.” Shot after shot of controlled cacophony in the same vein as fellow metallic no bass duo Bloodthrone, mixed with Pulling Teeth’s combativeness and Napalm Death’s relentless Scum, Each Birth melds crossover’s hardcore feeling with thrash’s hyperactivity, tossing in a few Carcass-esque vocal trade-offs for good measure. Furious, noisy and raging, Each Birth a New Disaster may be little more than redlining distortion that occasionally settles back into a thick breakdown but with such zealous delivery, it’s still got more heart, energy and appeal than most "heavy” bands today. (Tankcrimes)