Popstrangers Line Up 'Antipodes' for Carpark

Popstrangers Line Up 'Antipodes' for Carpark
New Zealand noise pop act Popstrangers previously released singles through their county's own Flying Nun Records, but they've signed to a U.S. label for for their debut full-length. Carpark Records will release Antipodes on March 8.

The trio recorded the album, which includes the tunefully noisy recent single "Heaven," in the basement of a '30s dance hall. A press release cites influences including Radiohead, the Gordons, 3Ds and the Chills.

The 10-song collection reportedly "features dissonant, claustrophobic melodies, anchored by the languid affectations of [singer Joel] Flyger's vocals, that bring a vintage feel to their decidedly contemporary garage rock."

Peruse the cover artwork above and the tracklist below. Scroll past to tracklist to hear "Heaven," which apparently stands out as a pop-oriented highlight in an album of "hazy gloom."


1. Jane

2. In Some Ways

3. Witches Hand

4. What Else Could They Do

5. Cat's Eyes

6. Full Fat

7. Heaven

8. Roxy Brown

9. 404

10. Occasion