Popol Vuh Treated to New Batch of Vinyl Reissues

Popol Vuh Treated to New Batch of Vinyl Reissues
We recently learned that Popol Vuh's soundtrack for Werner Herzog's 1979 vampire film Nosferatu was set to receive a vinyl reissue this summer through Wah Wah. However, it turns out this is actually part of a larger campaign that will bring us new vinyl pressings of a number of the krautrock outfit's out-of-print albums.

In addition to Nosferatu (which originally came out in 1978), the campaign includes two more Herzog soundtracks: 1975's Aguirre (containing music from 1972's Aguirre, the Wrath of God) and 1977's Herz aus Glas (containing songs from the 1976 film also called Heart of Glass).

Herz aus Glas features the German title and artwork. Half of the copies, however, will come with its French title and artwork as Coeur de Verre.

This wave of reissues includes two more albums, also from the '70s. There will be new pressings of 1975's Das Hohelied Salomos and 1976's Letzte Tage – Letzte Nächte.

Most of these records will include bonus tracks not on the original vinyl releases. Although the tracklists have not yet been unveiled, it seems that Herz aus Glas/Coeur de Verre won't include any extra material, although this one will come on snazzy clear vinyl. They're all single LPs except for Nosferatu, which is a double.

UK retailer Norman Records lists the release date for these records as August 3.

This follows a prior batch of Popol Vuh reissues on Wah Wah in 2013.

Somewhat confusingly, a recent Instagram post from Waxwork Records reveals that the label will also be reissuing Nosferatu, and that "This will be the first of numerous Herzog/Popol Vuh scores we will be releasing on wax." It's currently unclear whether these are connected to Wah Wah's reissues, or if it's part of separate (but concurrent) campaign.

In related news, Popol Vuh are being remembered with the rarities compilation Kailash, which is due to arrive this week on Soul Jazz.