Popium Permanently High

Popium come from Scandinavia with an impressive pedigree, with members having sold close to 100,000 records in their eminent past. While in their native Norway, their links to previous bands like Pogo Pops and Chocolate Overdose might be a positive thing, that isn't going to be the case elsewhere. Permanently High features 11 happy pop songs (and one Kiss cover) that doesn't mess around with anything subtle - just catchy tunes. The band don't seem very concerned with anything but happiness and love, with all the songs being upbeat and with most of them mentioning the sun shining. There's nothing really original about the music, but at least they have the sense to pick decent bands to mimic, with the largest contingent coming from the UK (including, naturally, the Beatles and the Kinks). And there are enough good songs for a really great EP, but it is stretched a little thin over an entire album. (MNW)