Poor Moon Illusion

It's impossible to write anything about Poor Moon without mentioning the Fleet Foxes. After all, the former were formed by members of the latter and they're also signed to Sub Pop. And, unsurprisingly, they kind of sound similar, with their acoustic, folky songs, but unfortunately they're more like Fleet Foxes-lite without the lead vocals of Robyn Pecknold. For the most part, the songs merely pass by when they should soar. That said, Illusion isn't enough to condemn them completely. Since this debut is just a five-song EP, there's plenty of room for Poor Moon to grow, or at least move away from Fleet Foxes. The highlight is "People in Her Mind," where chiming guitars more reminiscent of '60s AM radio take the lead. If they carry on in that vein, their first album could be a much more interesting proposition. (Sub Pop)