Poliça "I Need $"/"So Leave" (video)

Poliça 'I Need $'/'So Leave' (video)
Poliça singer Channy Leaneagh lets us in on a few perks of the motel maid industry in the clothes-and-lifestyle-swapping new video for the band's Shulamith tracks "I Need $" and "So Leave."

Cast as a cleaning lady, Leaneagh is quick to toss on a pair of headphones and vacuum along to Poliça's cash-seeking electro pop jam. Her door-to-door workday eventually leads her to the path of a musician-type, who compels her enough to come back later, rifle through the customer's belonging and have a solo dance party dressed up in her leather duds.

You'll see Leaneagh turn into a new woman, and make an escape to the tune of "So Leave," down below.