Pole R

Yes, other musicians are credited on the new Pole release. Stefan Betke started out with a sound that redefined the word "austere" and arguably warmed up his click-dub sound over the course of his CDs to the point that his latest, 3, almost makes the blood flow faster. This new disc is a remix album of sorts, with the principal ingredients being "Raum 1 & 2," first recorded six years ago. Betke has redone them and composed two more variations, featuring guitarist D. Meteo. The original versions are then remixed by label-mates Kit Clayton and Burnt Friedmann. Both offer different takes on Pole's methods, as the trademark-tuned static is utilised in many un-Pole like ways. Particularly good/amusing is Clayton's second mix, which houses up "Raum 2." This CD works because the 1996 Pole is different than the current version and it's good to compare the originals with their variations. The remixes add different voices and rhythms to the disc, resulting in a more diverse Pole release than ever before. (Scape)