PMMA "Serotonin Syndrome" (video)

PMMA 'Serotonin Syndrome' (video)
Danzig, d-beat and darkwave are all sonic reference points in the music of Calgary act PMMA, though the band's distinctive synth punk is truly beyond comparison. If you've yet to experience them, their new video for "Serotonin Syndrome" is an excellent place to start.

Directed by Guillaume Carlier for Ramble Films, the video takes the VHS aesthetic to new extremes — rather than dirty it up in post-production, the video plays on a small, shitty TV for the camera. It's an extra layer of muck that works well with both the visuals (which are straight out of a horror B-movie) and the fist-pumping anthem.

Watch the video for "Serotonin Syndrome" below. The song will appear on an album of the same name, later this year through Imminent Destruction.