Plastiscines LP1

France’s Plastiscines are easily summed up: four girls, guitar, bass, drums and rock’n’roll. They sing in both French and English. Most songs clock in under two minutes and the Stokes, Blondie and the Libertines are obvious influences. The music is simple, upbeat and loud but really, that’s it, which may be fine if all you want is something to rock to. If you require a bit more out of music, however, the group’s premier album, LP1, will likely leave you feeling empty after its 26 minutes are up. The straightforward, punk-styled tactics of Plastiscines songs like "Shake (Twist Around the Fire)” and "Lost in Translation” are all too familiar, covering little, if any, new ground. Sure, these ladies seem like they are having fun but as rebellious as they try to sound, no rules are broken. LP1 just plays it too safe to warrant much excitement. (EMI)