Plastic Flowers "Mary (Del)"

Plastic Flowers 'Mary (Del)'
London-based dream-pop outfit Plastic Flowers debuted their video for "Lucy" last summer, and now the George Samaras-led project is ready to introduce listeners to a new female friend.
"Mary (Del)" serves as the latest single from Plastic Flowers' upcoming LP Heavenly, and it's a gentle, mesmerizing blend of shoegazing guitars, serene synths and dreamy, echoing vocal harmonies.
"It is the first love song I've ever written," Samaras tells Exclaim! "Those lyrics were playing in my head for quite a while, but I almost forgot about their existence. A few months later I managed to recover them from my old Moleskine and started improvising on an old piano."
The final version has evolved into a lush, layered haze of dreamy pop, and you can give it a listen in the player below right now.

Heavenly is due out on April 22 and can be pre-ordered here.