Plaid Return with 'The Digging Remedy'

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Apr 28, 2016

Two years on from the release of Plaid's Reachy Prints, the UK IDM duo have announced their next full-length release. Titled The Digging Remedy, the album is timed to arrive June 10 through Warp.

The album features 12 new tracks from the long-running partnership of Ed Handley and Andy Turner, with a press releasing noting the pair continue to offer "rhythmic variation, emotive melody and textures to electronic music." While Detroit house music informs pieces like "CLOCK," The Digging Remedy is said to be "bigger and broader in scope."

Plaid have launched a new interactive site at which listeners can unlock The Digging Remedy's "CLOCK." A puzzle-style system offers up snippets of the track, as well as downloads for snare patches and more. You can access it over here.

The Digging Remedy:

1. Do Matter
2. Dilatone
4. The Bee
5. Melifer
6. Baby Step Giant Step
7. Yu Mountain
8. Lambswood
9. Saladore
10. Reeling Spiders
11. Held
12. Wen

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