Pixies' New Album Saga Continues, Band Planning Possible Film Score

Pixies' New Album Saga Continues, Band Planning Possible Film Score
After only recently giving word of their epic box set, Minotaur, Pixies front-man Black Francis has told NME that the influential rock band is planning to record more music, either as a new album or a Hollywood film score. The recording would be the band's first full-length since 1991's landmark Trompe Le Monde, and Francis says new material would be a necessity if the band continues to play live.

"We'd have to finally get sick of playing the old repertoire and go, 'All right, fuck it. Let's play new songs in our set,'" Francis said. "But the only way we'd really want to do it is if it was really great."

Despite successful reunion tours the past few years, Francis admitted his trepidation in recording new Pixies material, both because of the expectations of the band's rabid fan base and the danger of demo recordings being leaked. "There's a fear that if we try to commit something to tape then even if it doesn't come out stellar, somehow those recordings will get leaked. The band is beloved by its audience, so we don't want to fuck it up," he said.

In late 2007, Pixies bassist Kim Deal revealed to Rolling Stone she didn't want to do another album with the band because it would never equal their classic material and would be unfair to the fans.

And this is not the first time Francis has claimed a new Pixies album was being planned. In late 2006 he told NME that the band would be begin rehearsing for a new album if they could "persuade [Deal] to come out of her house."

Also, as we reported last August, Francis was saying a new Pixies album was imminent and it was just a "waiting game" before the band entered the studio again.

As for the latest plans of a possible film score, Francis was conveniently vague about it, but did say Quentin Tarantino would be at the top of their list of film directors to collaborate with. "The band needs to work with a film director," he said. "Tarantino or someone like that. It'd be like, 'Make some music for our film, you guys be the sound of the film.' Spread the word about the idea 'cos I think it's gonna work."