Pixies Sell Out

"Comment allez-vous, motherfuckers?" Kim Deal's greeting to an ecstatic crowd at the Eurockéennes Festival in Belfort, France is the only banter the Pixies engage in during a ferocious 28-song set. As they seemed to do throughout their 2004 reunion tour, the band put on a startlingly great, no frills show encompassing songs from each of their albums. Deal, Frank Black, David Lovering and Joey Santiago rip into songs, from "Vamos" to "Subbacultcha," and the audience clings to every note. While the concert is great, there is something slightly more insightful about the "Bonus Tracks," which feature performances from other concerts and interviews with the band's long-time tour manager Richard Jones and production/lighting director Myles Mangino. "Gigantic," from the Coachella Festival, and "U-Mass," from a hometown show near Boston, are poignant and powerful and, how ever sparse, the commentary hints at the band's feelings on being welcomed back with such fervour. Plus: "MX Monkey's Choice" multi-angle view. (Rhino/Warner)