Pita Get Off

Peter Rehberg (aka Pita) has worked with and, as one of the individuals behind the influential Mego label, released music by several luminary innovators in electronic music. Where some of Pita’s solo work is defined by its wild dynamic range, Get Off is a scorched digital document with some of its zeros and ones spot welded together. Tracks such as "Like Watching Shit on a Shelf” play out like the brightest of Fennesz’s idylls being sandblasted with thumbtacks. The (relatively) tranquil pieces, such as "More Break After the Terror,” are still marked by a subterranean foreboding. What separates this album from most extreme noise work is its attention to the details under the decay. For instance, "Babel” is a brief bait and switch workout that grinds gears from game show intro to monolithic thematic to video game noise to subway departure tones — all puréed in a turbine. The album ends on a kind and lengthy note with "Retour,” a tiny triangle tone/wine glass drone that sparkles and shifts like sun on choppy water. Some of the less engaging tracks seem more sketched than fully painted, but for the most part it’s a work that represents a new element in Pita’s approach. (Häpna)