Pinker Tones More Colours! The Million Colour Revolution Revisited

The Pinker Tones’ The Million Colour Revolution was a refreshing breeze of Beck-inspired groove with a European dance sensibility that was one of the most rewarding releases of 2006. Of course, it has taken North America a little longer to catch on and while as the band fulfil their promotional duties here, More Colours! is a solid attempt to keep that masses dancing until they return to Barcelona to write their follow-up. The smart thing about this remix project is that it is track-per-track as per the original, so each song is a refreshing new take that stays true to form but allows each remixer to add their own personal touches. Another key element was choosing mostly Latin artists and producers, which puts a Southern-accented spin on Euro dance music. Kassin and the +2’s add a light air of bossa-nova and a breezy whistle to "Beyond Nostalgia.” "In Pea We Nuts” is a norteño take on runway music that would be a nice substitute to that FashionTV anthem. Kinky, Fantastic Plastic Machine, and the Mexican Institute of Sound also provide remixes. This is tiki music for the dance floor. (Nacional)