Pig Destroyer Prowler In the Yard

A very disturbing story (fiction, let's hope) awaits the listener in the booklet to Prowler In the Yard and sets the tone perfectly: sickening terror. Twenty-two songs of fast and psychotic grindcore whip by in a little more than half an hour on this disc, all angry bursts of rage, blast-beats, shrieked vocals and unique guitar riffs. The Pigs keep things treble-heavy instead of the usual bass-drenched overtones found in this genre, which helps to keep an original vibe throughout the album. Another unique touch is having songs that are well-written and totally fresh sounding, which is a nice rarity in the realm of one-minute grindcore. The lyrics are another sharp left turn: well-written, poetic and disturbing tales of heartbreak, loneliness and violence sure to send goose bumps up your spine and leave you feeling chilled long after the accompanying audio terrorism has subsided. Prowler... is sure to please any fans of extreme and innovative music. (Relapse)