Pif Paf Hangover "Curry Love Marinade" (video)

Pif Paf Hangover 'Curry Love Marinade' (video)
Electronic-tinged Montreal indie outfit Pif Paf Hangover released their album Curry Love earlier this year, and now the collection's pseudo title track "Curry Love Marinade" has got its own music video.

The clip for this climactic slow-burner was directed by Raphaƫl Caron, and it uses slow-motion camera work to cinematic effect as shadowy bedroom shots are juxtaposed with footage of a wrestling match. Who knew that Pif Paf Hangover's music was the perfect soundtrack to choke slams and camel clutches?

Watch it below.

On November 12, Pif Paf Hangover will play the launch party for Montreal's RIDM documentary festival at Ouverture.