Peter Tosh Celebrated with Expanded Reissues, Pro-Marijuana Radio Campaign

Peter Tosh Celebrated with Expanded Reissues, Pro-Marijuana Radio Campaign
In addition to releasing celebrated reggae music, Rastafarian legend Peter Tosh was an outspoken advocate for the legalization of marijuana. Now, 24 years since his tragic death, his pro-marijuana campaign will be relaunched, along with expanded reissues of his first two albums.

Back in 1976, the Bob Marley sideman recorded a public service announced for the marijuana advocacy group NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws). This year, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of that organization, NORML is relaunching the PSA.

The same year as his original PSA, Tosh released his persuasively titled debut album, Legalize It. The next year, he followed it up with the politically charged Equal Rights. On June 21, Columbia/Legacy will issue double-CD packages for each album, including a slew of extras.

Legalize It: Legacy Edition will include 2,000-word liner notes by Tosh's friend, Roger Steffens, who has published books about reggae music, including one about the Wailers. The CD set has seven demos, nine alternate mixes, six dubs and one alternate take. If you're counting, that's 23 bonus tracks, in addition to the nine-song original album.

As for Equal Rights: Legacy Edition, it contains an essay from Tosh's former manager, Herbie Miller, who now curates the Jamaica Music Museum in Kingston, Jamaica. The package features the original eight-song album, plus 22 extra tracks, which are made up of outtakes, alternate versions and rare dubs.

Before the expanded reissues drop, fans will have a chance to pick up a seven-inch record containing title tracks "Legalize It" and "Equal Rights." The double A-sided single will be out on Record Store Day (April 16), and will come in Rasta-friendly red, green and gold vinyl editions.

Legalize It: Legacy Edition:

CD 1:

1. "Legalize It"
2. "Burial"
3. "What'cha Gonna Do"
4. "No Sympathy"
5. "Why Must I Cry"
6. "Igziabeher (Let Jah Be Praised)"
7. "Ketchy Shuby"
8. "Till Your Well Runs Dry"
9. "Brand New Second Hand"
10. "Legalize It (Demo)"
11. "No Sympathy (Demo)"
12. "Why Must I Cry (Demo)"
13. "Igziabeher (Let Jah Be Praised) (Demo)"
14. "Ketchy Shuby (Demo)"
15. "Till Your Well Runs Dry (Demo)"
16. "Brand New Second Hand (Demo)"

CD 2:

1. "Legalize It (Original Mix)"
2. "Burial (Original Mix)"
3. "What'cha Gonna Do (Original Mix)"
4. "No Love, No Sympathy (Original Mix)"
5. "Why Must I Cry (Original Mix)"
6. "Igziabeher (Let Jah Be Praised) (Original Mix)"
7. "Ketchy Shuby (Original Mix)"
8. "Till Your Well Runs Dry (Original Mix)"
9. "Brand New Second Hand (Original Mix)"
10. "Legalize It (Alternate Version)"
11. "Burial (Dub Plate)"
12. "What'cha Gonna Do (Shajahshoka Dub Plate)"
13. "(Igziabeher) Let Jah Be Praised (Shajahshoka Dub Plate)"
14. "Second Hand (Shajahshoka Dub Plate)"
15. "Burial (Dub Plate)"
16. "Legalize It (Dub Plate)"

Equal Rights: Legacy Edition:

CD 1:

1. "Get Up, Stand Up"
2. "Downpressor Man"
3. "I Am That I Am"
4. "Stepping Razor"
5. "Equal Rights"
6. "African"
7. "Jah Guide"
8. "Apartheid"
9. "400 Years (Outtake)"
10. "Hammer (Extended Version/Outtake)"
11. "Jahman Inna Jamdung (Outtake)"
12. "Vampire (Outtake)"
13. "Babylon Queendom (Outtake)"
14. "You Can't Blame The Youth (Outtake)"
15. "Mark of the Beast (Outtake)"

CD 2:

1. "Get Up, Stand Up (Alternate Version)"
2. "Dub-Presser Man (Dub Plate)"
3. "I Am That I Am (Shajahshoka Dub Plate)"
4. "Heavy Razor (Sha­jah­­shoka Dub Plate)"
5. "Equal Rights (Extended Version)"
6. "African (London Sound System Dub Plate)"
7. "Jah Guide (Dub Plate)"
8. "(Fight) Apartheid (Alternate Version)"
9. "Vampire (Demo)"
10. "Jahman Inna Jamdung (Demo)"
11. "Hammer (Shajahshoka Dub Plate)"
12. "Blame the Yout (Dub Plate)"
13. "Babylon Queendom (Dub Plate)"
14. "Vampires  (Dub Plate)"
15. "Get Up, Stand Up (Extended/Alternate Version)"