Peter Murphy Returns with 'Lion' LP

Peter Murphy Returns with 'Lion' LP
Peter Murphy was already on our massive list of upcoming Record Store Day exclusives, but this planned 7-inch isn't the former Bauhaus member's only impending release. His album Lion is out this spring.

Murphy hasn't formally announced the LP, but Slicing Up Eyeballs points to a couple of international listings; has it coming out on June 2, while lists it as due on May 30. Since albums come out on Tuesdays in North America, it's likely that it will arrive here on June 3. It's expected out through Nettwerk.

Prior reports indicated that the album was being produced by Youth (Sam Roberts Band, the Firemen, the Verve). Murphy told Billboard that the album is "a mixture of stuff, almost like operas for the dispossessed. It's very romantic and very deep and emotional, quite symphonic in places, but then becomes, like, a rabble-rousing pirate sea shanty. It's a mixture of 'The White Album,' which goes into 'Helter Skelter,' and kind of 'I Am the Walrus' type of arrangement stuff. It's a lot — kind of like, 'Who is that person? How can he imagine he can do all that?' I just think I'm out of place, really. I'm like [David] Bowie, Iggy [Pop], Frank Sinatra, Elvis [Presley] all rolled into one, and it's kind of like, 'What planet did he come from?'"

The album cover is above and the tracklist is below. To preview the material, 30-second snippets of each song can be heard at Amazon.

This album will follow behind the aforementioned Record Store Day 7-inch (due out on April 19). Pressed on metallic silver vinyl, it will include a dub mix of "Hang Up," plus the album cut "I'm on Your Side."

Murphy previewed Lion during his shows last year. Watch bootleg footage of the trailer video at the bottom of this page.


1. Hang Up

2. I Am My Own Name

3. Low Tar Stars

4. I'm on Your Side

5. Compression

6. Holy Clown

7. The Rose

8. The Ghost of Shokan Lake

9. Eliza

10. Loctaine

11. Lion