Peter Murphy "I Am My Own Name" (video)

Peter Murphy 'I Am My Own Name' (video)
Peter Murphy's promotion trail behind his next solo album Lion has gifted listeners with a new preview track, cementing the goth pioneer's individuality on "I Am My Own Name."

The single's '90s-style production blends shivering synth ripples with a melancholic stomp, all as Murphy's beautiful baritone rises into a crippling roar as he turns the song title into a battle cry. In case you couldn't figure it out: Peter Murphy, that's his name. That name again is Peter Murphy.

On the visual side of things, we get a series of vintage-looking clips of a dancer pirouetting through nature, which complements the sensual unfolding of flowers. There are also some impressionistic shots of a bound woman's wildly spreading tattoos.

As previously reported, Lion roars into stores June 3 via Nettwerk, but his North American tour starts up later this month. You'll find the date details over here.