Peter Hook Writing Book On the Hacienda

Peter Hook Writing Book On the Hacienda
Joy Division and New Order bassist Peter Hook is currently writing memoirs on his times partying it up at the legendary Hacienda club in Manchester. Speaking with the Daily Record, Hooky revealed the experience to be "a really weird cross between having a nightmare and reliving it all. It's quite entertaining."

After a string of interest in his bands' stories have given birth to well-received films like 24 Hour Party People and Control. Hook recognises the films and their success in telling stories.

"You go round the world and so many people mention 24 Hour Party People," Hook says. "It did more for us than anything. We never thought for one moment that it would. I don't even think when he did it that Michael Winterbottom thought he was making a social document. It's incredible. "Control is far truer than 24 Hour Party People, which was purely about entertainment. Control was much more factual and much more of a drama."

Hook admits trying to recall everything that happened isnt easy, and the best bits are obviously harder on him. "Once you get a framework you start remembering all these bits you had forgotten," he said. "But it is quite draining. I remember all the business parts because for the most part I was sober. The trouble is remembering the nights. I remember the bad bits but the good bits are a bit of a blur, which is quite sad."

Peter Hook and Tony Wilson at the Hacienda