Peter Bjorn and John "Nothing to Worry About (Woodhands remix)"

Peter Bjorn and John 'Nothing to Worry About (Woodhands remix)'
The young folks in Peter Bjorn and John have never been afraid to throw a bit of swing behind their tunes. But it's when other artists get their hands on the trio's music that rumps really start shaking.

Case in point: this new remix of "Nothing to Worry About" by Toronto indie dance duo Woodhands. The shuffle beat of the original, found on March's Living Thing, gets replaced by a more dance floor appropriate 4/4 beat, while the weird kids singing at the beginning are traded in for some blog house keyboard skronks. All in all another worthy reworking of the trio's work and a perfect excuse to bust out the funky chicken.

Download "Nothing to Worry About (Woodhands remix)" here.