Perunika Trio Introducing Perunika Trio

In traditional Bulgarian music, the voices are used as a harmonic instrument, creating resonant and close chords ornamented by twists and warbles that create an organ-like effect. The three women of the Perunika Trio use their instruments to introduce us to the landscape of Bulgarian song. They met through the London-based Bulgarian Choir and bring their extensive classical training and choral background to these traditional songs. They sing as one voice, perfectly in sync with the fluid nature of the music. The songs shift suddenly, a change of pace, harmonics or time signature creating an unsettled feeling that emphasises themes of love, loss, wants and dreams. Unless you speak Bulgarian, you won’t get a complete idea of what’s going on, especially since the liner notes are spotty, but the occasional dramatic interlude like "Pripade Temna Mugla,” which breaks between sung choruses to spoken verses and sound effect-like whirls, shows the storytelling capability of this folk tradition. (World Village)