People Under The Stairs Or Stay Tuned

Giving further proof that this Los Angeles duo is one of hip-hop’s greatest assets, Or Stay Tuned is nothing short of a finely-crafted musical excursion that won’t be leaving your stereo anytime soon. Thes One and Double K are all-around b-boys that can take the claim of being all-out kings in this musical game. Both MCs are highly skilled with their lyrical game, churning out stories with relevance that make you feel good to be alive, such as their passion for making beautiful beats — another skill the pair have had no trouble excelling in. Or Stay Tuned is a split album, with the first half consisting of brand new cuts that will surely make your jaw drop as well as some old joints, mainly through their own remixes of past PUTS classics. The new tracks are remarkable and show that Thes One and Double K just seem to get better with each passing year. “Drumbox” is a total old school number complete with crowd participation over a drum machine and simplistic rhymes, paying tribute to the glory days of hip-hop — and it comes off as authentic rather than a gimmick. “Roadbeaters” gives us a glimpse as to what it’s like being on tour with PUTS, who don’t exaggerate their experiences on the road in order to make their life glamorous — they wreck mics on stage, dig for beats and head back to their hotels for a well-deserved rest. Not only are the new tracks hotter than hot, but the previously-released material is equally as bumping, giving proof that PUTS have been capable of producing incredible hip-hop since day one. If you’re already a fan, then you’re treated to some harder to find b-sides and remixes, and if you’re new to this crew then you won’t be able to tell the new from old. Or Stay Tuned is a smooth ride from start to finish, regardless of release dates, and gives further evidence that People Under the Stairs are easily one of the greatest hip-hop acts today. (Om)