Penumbra Skandinavien

A musical essay about a visit to Scandinavia expressed by one half of Zoviet France, Penumbra. Recordings of sounds of Scandinavian Airlines along with safety procedures are coupled with clips of field recordings, providing the context for this ambient and rhythmic CD. All the tracks take their time to unwind and express themselves. "Another Rainy Day" and "Week In The Black Box" are cases in point where the rhythms do not occur until two minutes into the track, becoming part of the atmosphere, rather than being brought to the forefront. The sounds are sustained for the patient listener who appreciates skill and maturity in his or her music, since Zoviet France have been producing music for well over 20 years. By the way this album was put together, one can surmise this is the work of craftsman. "Living On The Borderlines" combines old folk music with Penumbra's atmospheric and rhythmic skill, yet is expressed in a non-cliché manner, rather the most refined way imaginable. Skandinavien is an exceptional, mature album. (Iris Light)