Pennywise's Fletcher Dishes Dirt on Former Singer

Pennywise's Fletcher Dishes Dirt on Former Singer
Pennywise guitarist Fletcher Dragge has kept relatively mum about longtime singer Jim Lindberg's departure form the Hermosa Beach, CA punk outfit last year, but a recent radio interview reveals that the split was anything but amicable.

Interviewed on Pancakes and Punk, a college radio program in Norwalk, CA, last Friday (September 24), the six-stringer went on record saying his former bandmate spent his last months in the band as a punk rock prima donna unwilling to compromise on a number of situations. While the rest of the act attempted to work around Lindberg's wishes to be with his family and start other projects, the vocalist was apparently not willing to see eye-to-eye with his former buds.

"We said, 'okay, you know what? We totally understand that. We'll pay for a nanny for you, keep the tours at two weeks and take extra days off to rest your voice," Dragge explained. "We rolled out the red carpet, and that wasn't good enough."

Dragge also reveals that Lindberg had been planning on leaving the band for quite some time, announcing his intentions to Pennywise's management well before he told the group.

"He planned on quitting the band, no matter what. It didn't matter what we did," Dragge said.

While the band have since moved on with former Ignite frontman Zoli Teglas to travel the unknown road, Dragge accuses Lindberg of not doing the same when he reportedly went into the studio with an unnamed project to recorded a tune the guitarist claims was "note for note, one of our [Pennywise's] songs." 

You can hear the interview here. Thanks to Punknews for the tip.