Peach Luffe's 'Shimmer' EP Is a Reminder That There's Always Sunshine Somewhere, Even in Heartbreak

BY Francesca RosePublished Jul 31, 2020

On new EP Shimmer, Peach Luffe — a.k.a. Toronto-based musician Jong Lee — explores hopelessness and hopeful romanticism with chilled-out bedroom pop.

The lyrical anxiety is eased by the dreamy, lighthearted melodies and production. This is especially the case with "Fairytale", where a romantic air sweeps alongside a happy nonchalance. "Fairytales and sunshine / moonlight and paradise / And I'm terrified by that," sings Lee, crushing the happy-ending tropes of storybook fantasies under the weight of realistic expectations. 

In "Rollercoaster", a steady beginning subtly rises into a calmly vibrant chorus, with lyrics of love-streaked uncertainty underscored by catchy pop melodies. Romanticism is elevated in "Your Blue", slow and dreamy with the addition of cinematic violins. Closing track "With Me" projects its mood with yearning guitar riffs as Lee sings, "Just stay with me until the end' Lee sings," putting all the hopelessness and hopefulness into one last plead.

Shimmer's songs are familiar and accessible, its themes predictable but pleasant. It's the kind of amalgamation of easy-going sounds that are a reminder that there's always sunshine somewhere.

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