Paw Tracks Get the Vinyl Out

Paw Tracks Get the Vinyl Out
After months of hibernation, Animal Collective's Paw Tracks imprint is waking up and saying hello again to the world with a pair of new releases. This winter, the Washington, DC-based label will launch its first installment in a new star-studded seven-inch series, as well as a twelve-inch courtesy of regular Paw Tracker Eric Copeland of Black Dice.

First up, the seven-inch. The split release — out December 8 and limited to 1,000 copies — features Antony Hegarty (of Johnsons fame) and ex-Múm vocalist Kria Brekkan. The pair lend their voices to the A-side's Christmas song "Be Good to Earth This Season” by Reverend Green, who is Animal Collective's tour manager, lighting guy and regular Home and Jah Division member. On the B-side, Drawlings, the solo moniker of Rings' Abby Portner, has contributed another holiday track, "Wolfie's Christmas,” which was recorded by the Presence's Rusty Santos and her brother, Animal Collective's Dave Portner.

As for Copeland's release, it comes as a twelve-inch and is titled Alien in a Garbage Dump. This one sports seven new tracks and according to Paw Tracks, is "part one of his forthcoming album.” Like the seven-inch, this vinyl-only offering is also limited to 1,000 copies, and you can order it now at Paw Tracks.

Here's the tracklisting for Alien in a Garbage Dump: 1. "King Tits Womb” 2. "Alien In A Garbage Dump” 1. "Corn On The Cob” 2. "Osni” 3. "Scones and Bul” 4. "Reptilian Space Beings Shapeshifting Bloodsucking Vampires” 5. "Everybody's Libido”

Animal Collective "For Reverend Green”