Paul "Snoflake" Taylor Share It!

Paul "Snoflake" Taylor might just become a familiar face thanks to some exposure on a new MTV show, plus he has a triple-threat musical career. He drums for label-mate Amy Levere, has his own band (Antenna Shoes) and a burgeoning solo career, having just released his second album, Share It! Share It! never finds its niche, playfully jumping from one genre to another, as if to demonstrate just how talented Taylor is. Apparently he can play pretty much any instrument he picks up, and while that is rather impressive it doesn't necessarily mean he can play them well. There's a strange combination of lushness and a lack of polish that works much better than it has any right to. The muddled mix of styles is kind of refreshing, particularly the Jamie Lidell-esque funk tracks like "Relentless." Perhaps with a little bit more focus and time spent on production, Taylor could be heading towards something pretty spectacular. (Make it Real)