Pattern is Movement Stowaway

After endless touring and a modicum of buzz about their debut, Philadelphia PA’s Pattern is Movement take a big right turn into the land of idiosyncrasy. More in tune with askew pop and art-rock sensibilities than their math-y debut, Stowaway is an odd bird that sometimes makes a connection, but tends to drown its heart in flat vocals and distracting samples. Opener "Maple” gives an interesting, urgent opening to the proceedings by it’s slightly off, vibraphone-accentuated beat and Andrew Thiboldeaux’s flat delivery that brings to mind peers Wilderness, but without the dark, rant-like eeriness. "Never Liked This Time of Day” annoys very quickly with its obtuse Legend of Zelda-like sample that refuses to go away, but, luckily, the ears are brought back to life by the too-short banjo-laden "Interlude One.” It’s when Pattern is Movement move slightly away from their eccentricities that things come together, as in "2 Voices for 2 Sections.” Thiboldeaux’s voice varies with the music and the song climaxes in a wonderful cacophony of guitar, lap steel and frenzied drum, and vocals that actually compliment the proceedings. For those with a stomach for such wide experimentation within the indie genre, Stowaway’s charms may do the trick. (NFI)