Pattern is Movement The (Im)Possibility of Longing

There are lofty goals indeed in this album, as Pattern is Movement’s website explains their title harkens to the theories of famed philosopher/curmudgeon Jacques Derrida, and speaking about their live show, they state "We set out to create a work that could transcend tape and recreate itself anew on any given night.” Right. Pedantic didacticism aside, Pattern is Movement really does meld together some different genres, but the music never truly strikes a chord. There are some electronic touches, some math rock tempos, some straightforward indie rock balladry, best heard on opener "Non Servium,” but never does it meld into something cohesive. Singer Andrew Thiboldeaux does indeed have a mighty fine set of pipes, and, nicely, they are used more as an accompanying instrument than for just spouting lyrics. The layers apparent on songs like "Pika Doun” do surprise on repeated listens, but the album, like the media snippets of the band, seems to be an intellectual experiment rather than an actual attempt at pleasing the listener. Not the happiest or passionate of listens, but enough to warrant interest in those who think God is in the details. (Noreaster)