Pattern is Movement All Together

This inventive two-piece have a sound and vision much too grand to be achieved entirely by this slim membership alone. PIM do employ a few friends to assist with violin, trumpet and guitar, but it’s quickly apparent that these are but flourishes to the densely arranged and heavily instrumented operatic pieces the band construct. Andrew Thiboldeaux’s classically informed chord progressions are invigorated by Chris Ward’s powerful hip-hop-influenced drum patterns; it sounds something like Caribou scoring a musical. Aside from the intense performances, rock music is about the faintest discernable influence on what this fascinating duo have created with All Together. If you have even a passing interest in melodically and harmonically complex music, I dare you to listen to "Trolley Friend” or "Sound of Your Voice” and not be enthralled. All Together is an early high mark to measure creativity against in 2008. (Hometapes)