Patrick Wolf Talks Double Album, Alec Empire Production

Patrick Wolf Talks Double Album, Alec Empire Production
Patrick Wolf has dropped some more details about his new in-the-works double album, half of which he has now revealed will be produced by digital hardcore pioneer and former Atari Teenage Rioter Alec Empire. The flamboyant UK multi-instrumentalist recently told NME that the Empire-enhanced half of the album would be called Battle and be more "punky" and "aggressive" than his usual work, while the other half will be lighter and more mellow.

Wolf went on to tell NME that Battle was inspired by a bout of depression he suffered a few years ago while on tour. "I was having to play songs about a past relationship, I'd been through three management changes, I was breaking up, going insane," Wolf said. "I revelled in my depression and began attacking politics and the people around me. It's an aggressive noise punk record."

As for the "lighter” half of the album, Wolf said it would sharply contrast his work with Empire and be more uplifting. "I've found my true love, who has practically saved my life," he explained, adding: "That's in contrast to the inspiration for Battle, which was me thinking, 'Will I ever be in love again or will I be a bachelor for the rest of my life?'"

Wolf has yet to give a firm release date for the double album, or name the second half, but he did say fans could expect the release sometime in February of next year.

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