Patrick Wolf Details Lupercalia

Patrick Wolf Details <i>Lupercalia</i>
We knew that ever-changing pop chameleon Patrick Wolf had a new album on the way. He already unleashed the percussive, horn-heavy pop gem "The City" earlier this year, and now we have the full release details for Wolf's fifth full-length. Entitled Lupercalia, it's due out on May 31 via Hideout/Mercury.

The multi-talented songwriter self-produced the album, with sessions taking place in Spain, England, the U.S., Germany and France. A press release confirms that he played the following instruments on the recordings: viola, piano, dulcimer, guitar, baritone ukulele, Moog synth, and timpani. He also composed the orchestral and choral arrangements himself.

The 11-song tracklist includes the 2010 single "Time of My Life". Scroll to the bottom of this page to watch the clip for "The City," which shows Wolf and some friends frolicking on a beach near a carnival.


1. "The City"
2. "House"
3. "Bermondsey Street"
4. "The Future"
5. "Armistice"
6. "William"
7. "Time of My Life"
8. "The Days"
9. "Slow Motion"
10. "Together"
11 The Falcons