Patricia MAC Salle Principale, Montreal QC, May 30

Patricia MAC Salle Principale, Montreal QC, May 30
Photo: Caroline Hayeur
For many who'd been told to check out Patricia's MUTEK show, there was some deal of confusion when a moustached man appeared onstage. While throughout the show many of the crowd could be heard saying, "Wait — is this Patricia?," no one was willing to leave and find out. The music was just too good.
Patricia wasted no time whatsoever, immediately diving into a slew of acid techno. From there on, his set was rhythmically pounding the whole way through, with no room for anything but motion and the relentless pummelling of no-nonsense techno. Four days in, with a lot of experimentation in the wake, it was finally time for the MAC to truly come alive with the stomping feet of Montreal's partygoers. Patricia's MUTEK show was a set that never really slowed down for more than 20 seconds at a time, easily rivalling any of the big name acts to play the more club-oriented Metropolis venue.
Patricia was slick to the very end. Instead of a big bass drop, Patricia's weapon of choice was polished hi-hats, which he frequently used to up the tempo, adding to the subtlety of his well-thought-out set. Along with Richard Devine's stellar performance, as well as DBX's, and the glimpses caught of Anthony Naples' DJ set, Patricia only solidified the fact that the U.S. is killing it at MUTEK.