Pat LePoidevin Moonwolves

A promising young talent with an old soul, Pat LePoidevin utilizes looping pedals in conjuring the homespun folk sounds on this excellent sophomore record. LePoidevin is winning over fans with his earnest voice and lyricism, for sure, but he's all the more intriguing for his composition with a loop pedal that captures his acoustic instruments one layer at a time. Not surprisingly, he cites Owen Pallett and Basia Bulat as influences in this regard; LePoidevin's songs bear that same hint of melodrama, vivid imagery and pure emotional release that make his inspirations such formidable performers. But LePoidevin is hardcore, making Moonwolves in much the same manner he plays live: adding instrumentation and vocal inflections in the moment, on his own. It doesn't hurt that songs like "The Moonwolf Departure" and "You Know Your War" represent the weighty fare of a bold voice on the rise. (Independent)