Party Supplies Announces Debut LP 'Tough Love'

Party Supplies Announces Debut LP 'Tough Love'
While Party Supplies (aka Justin Nealis) is set to serve up the beats for a second Blue Chips collaboration with Action Bronson later this year, he'll first deliver a solo debut called Tough Love. Fool's Gold puts it in stores August 27.

A press release notes that while Nealis is used to supporting vocalists like Action Bronson and Danny Brown with beat work, Tough Love finds him placing a microphone in front of his MPC set up, and strapping on a Stratocaster to tackle the album's "classic rock from the future." Nealis is joined by multi-instrumentalist Sean Mann, and apparently the twosome's blend of funk, "foot-stompers" and boy band ballads brings to mind the likes of Chromeo and the Easy Rider soundtrack.

You can check out the LP's "Beautiful Girl" in the player down below.

As for Blue Chips 2, Action Bronson had hinted last month that the mixtape could arrive sometime in late August or September.

Tough Love:

1. New York 2017
2. Cherry Valley
3. Working Out
4. Going Back To New York
5. Love Song
6. Beautiful Girl
7. A Perfect Life
8. Tough Love
9. Touching Your Face