Partner "Play the Field" (video)

Partner 'Play the Field' (video)
Partner aren't far away from releasing their debut LP In Search of Lost Time, and before it arrives, the duo of Josée Caron and Lucy Niles have shared a new video for "Play the Field."

As Caron explains, the song was inspired by her own history of sport, trying out for school teams despite not being the most athletically inclined of her friends:

My friends were really good at sports but I definitely was not; I was eager to belong. I gathered all my courage and tried out for my school basketball team. Somehow I made it past tryouts and onto the single 'A' team. I was so happy to just be on a team, it didn't matter that I would only score one basket all season, or that I would score on my own team. 

Lucy and I try to channel that blissful state in this song, which could be described as an effort to reclaim some of our dignity by surrendering to our true talents. It's about admiring, romanticizing, and desiring the dignified excellence that seems to come along with being good at sports, knowing it's something you will never truly experience but not really minding because you're stoked that you get to hang out with your crush at practice.

You can watch the video for yourself below.

In Search of Lost Time arrives September 8 via You've Changed Records.