Parlophone Boss Hoping for More New Blur Material

Parlophone Boss Hoping for More New Blur Material
Now that Supergrass and Oasis have broken up, it's getting increasingly difficult for fans to get their fix of classic '90s Britpop. As we reported last week, legendary Britpoppers Blur will seek to fill the void with a new seven-inch single to celebrate Record Store Day, and if we're lucky, perhaps a new full-length album.

The newly recorded song marked the first time that the band have entered the studio together in eight years, and the results were apparently so successful that Parlophone president Mike Leonard said, "I think it encapsulates all the sum of the parts of that band. They sound as competent and as strong as they've ever sounded before."

In an interview with BBC 6 Music, the label boss enthused, "Graham's guitar lines just sound so simplistic and easy, and Alex's bass lines just drift through the track, very groove-based. And Damon's lyrics are as poignant as they've ever been. There's personal comment and social comment within the song - this is something very special and I think the Blur fans out there are going to absolutely love what they hear."

Praise like this is bound to get Blur fans clamouring to get their hands on the new single. Unfortunately, many are bound to be disappointed, as only 1,000 copies will be released in record stores around the UK.

Still, perhaps this new single marks a new beginning for the band, who reunited for a series of shows last year. Leonard said, "At this point we were just really pleased to hear that they wanted to go in and record this. And who knows, from the reaction to this song, what will come in the future. I just hope that from hearing a song like this that the band feel there's more in them. We certainly do as a label and I'm sure when fans hear this they'll think the same."

Blur already know that they have a captive audience and a willing label, so hopefully they can ride this momentum into a new full-length.