Park Avenue Music To Take With You

Park Avenue Music, the duo of Wes Steed and Jeanette Faith, began their career recording in Steed’s bedroom. Having an emphasis on technology and using a vast array of keyboards and drum machines, their most important instrument turns out to be the most everyday one — the human voice. With a voice that is very reminiscent of Julee Cruise, Jeannette’s vocals washes over every song in a wonderfully dreamy way, always holding onto the spotlight, despite all kinds of interesting noises going on in the background. They are the kind of act that could find fans from the ethereal world (with such kindred spirits as the Cocteau Twins) or the world of dance, thanks to some music that transcends the usual boundaries with relative ease. The one black mark against To Take With You could very well turn out to be a rather important one. The band manages to pull off the whole ambient dreamscape thing so well that their music passes by without really registering much emotion. Short of a cursory "That was nice,” the whole album could be finished before you even notice. There’s no doubting that To Take With You is a beautiful listen, but such beauty is merely a transient thing, which means nothing once it has slipped from your memory. (Devil In the Woods)