Panda Bear's Next Seven-Inch Gets December Release

Panda Bear's Next Seven-Inch Gets December Release
Well, it looks as if we have the release date of the next Panda Bear seven-inch. On December 21, FatCat will release the new Tomboy single, with "Last Night at the Jetty" serving as the A-side and "Drone" on the flip.

Over at Insound, where you can pre-order the release here, the online retailer offers the following description for the single:

"Last Night at the Jetty" finds [Noah] Lennox's beautifully layered, honeyed vocal harmonies morphing across a fairly simple grid of wobbly guitar, a whip-crack metronome beat and a scattering of electronic sounds and effects. B-side "Drone" takes an even more reductive, minimalist approach, jettisoning the beat altogether with Lennox's long-held vocals hovering over a step-sequence of synthesized tone-blocks.

This single is limited to 3,000 copies and, like the previous two Panda Bear seven-inches, is guaranteed to sell out fast.

A big thanks to the folks at Gorilla Vs. Bear for pointing this one out.