Panda Bear "You Can Count on Me" / "Alsatian Darn"

Panda Bear 'You Can Count on Me' / 'Alsatian Darn'
If you don't feel like waiting for that new Panda Bear seven-inch to come out officially, you'll be pleased to know that a vinyl rip of the new single has hit the interweb.

Courtesy of the folks over at We All Want Someone to Shout For, you can listen to the vinyl release's "You Can Count on Me" and B-side "Alsatian Darn."

If you're looking for the real thing though, the single is out via Domino Records on October 19. It's sold-out online, but we're guessing you can likely still find a copy in your local record shop when it's released. If not, you can always nab a too-expensive copy on eBay.

UPDATE: That was quick: the tracks have been removed. Guess you'll just have to wait for your copy to show up in the mail.

Panda Bear - You Can Count On Me by Weallwantsomeone

Panda Bear - Alsatian Darn by Weallwantsomeone