Oxes "Strong Enough" (ft. Will Oldham) (Sheryl Crow cover)

Oxes 'Strong Enough' (ft. Will Oldham) (Sheryl Crow cover)
Earlier this week, we learned that Will Oldham (under his nom de plume Bonnie "Prince" Billy) had teamed up with Dawn McCarthy for a full-length tribute to the Everly Brothers, and now it turns out the folkster has toasted Sheryl Crow, too. Oldham lent his pipes to instrumental combo Oxes' performance of the songstress's American Music Club favourite "Strong Enough," and you can hear the results down below.

The earnest interpretation of the pleasant '90s pop track layers a little extra fuzz to the proceedings and has Oldham adding a cracked, country twist to that familiar chorus.

Apparently this song, recorded by Bob Weston, has been sitting in the vaults for some time and is now about to surface on a split single between Baltimore bands Oxes and Microkingdom. "Strong Enough" will be featured on the A-side, while Microkingdom got Future Islands singer Samuel T. Herring and viola player Liz Meredith to assist a take on Bruce Springsteen's "I'm on Fire." You can check that one out below as well.

The single drops December 20 via Friends Records and is limited to 500 copies.