Owen vs. Degrassi

BY Sam SutherlandPublished Apr 18, 2008

Mike Kinsella is a very nice guy. You might not be able to tell, as this video includes all of thirty seconds of him talking, but trust me. Rad dude. And he loves Degrassi. We had heard rumors about this, but our suspicions were confirmed when he concluded his recent Toronto show by performing the theme from The Next Generation in its entirety. So while we actually talked about a bunch of other stuff (the original idea for this video was a quiz about famous entertainment families, since the Kinsellas are kind of like indie rock Osmonds), some of which you can see in this coming Wednesday's video, this seemed to be the most vital topic of conversation.

I'm now convinced that with a little ingenuity, we can get Mr. Kinsella on to Degrassi: The Next Generation. Admittedly, he doesn't have the big-name cache of Kevin Smith, but he's so great looking and from Chicago, which is pretty close to Canada. If that doesn't qualify someone to guest star on Degrassi, I actually don't know what does.

If you or someone you know produces Degrassi, e-mail me at sam@exclaim.ca. Let's make a child's wish come true this Christmas.

Check out a real interview with Mike this coming Wednesday.

Owen "The Sad Waltzes of Pietro Crespi"

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