Owen Pallett Almost Changed His Name From Final Fantasy to Skylord!

Owen Pallett Almost Changed His Name From Final Fantasy to Skylord!
Owen Pallett's long-anticipated Heartland record is finally out today (January 12), and has received the Exclaim! vote of approval. In our review, we call it "an entirely self-contained universe, with Pallett the master of this domain."

The album marks Pallett's first effort under his own name since dropping the Final Fantasy moniker over fears of a copyright infringement lawsuit. Now that the LP is out, however, we're starting to wonder if our opinions would have been different had he gone with his first choice for a name change.

 In a recent interview with Metro, Pallett revealed that he was considering the completely different (and unspeakably nerdy) moniker Skylord before he settled on simply taking his name.

"When the day came, I couldn't bite the bullet and say, 'I'm gonna change my name to this,'" Pallett said. "The record was about to come out and I was like, 'It's too much, it's too soon!'"

Pallett maintains that it would have been a good idea under different circumstances, saying, "I thought it was a great band name... but you can't just change your name to Skylord right before your album comes out."

If the album had come out under the Skylord moniker, it's hard to gauge whether we could have taken it seriously. On the other hand, this guy did take the 2006 Polaris Music Prize with an album titled He Poos Clouds.