Over It Lexington + Whatevski

Former Jonny Sootentai members Lexington and Whatevski have linked to form OverIt. For their debut — a lo-fi album named after the duo’s two members — Whatevski provides a grim, gritty beatscape that favours various up-tempo combinations of drums and strings. It’s a great match for the egotistical boasts and raspy raps of both Lexington and Whatevski, as well as for their handful of guests that includes Cam the Wizard, Planit, and others. However, Whatevski isn’t the only one providing the music: Lexington lends some production support with a short, jazz/blues interlude and the horn-y "Trixxxie,” as does label-mate Decline with a constantly morphing instrumental for "Chubbies + Uglies,” and Imaginations Treetrunk’s Aalo Guha with a minimal, flute-looped beat unsuitable for the rappers on the posse cut "Alberta Pupps.” That last beat and Whatevski’s slow, mellow production for "Cruisin’” are the only moments that seem out of place and counter to the black humour, punch lines, and battle raps on this album. Still, dark rap anthems like "Real Emcees,” "Everyday Rhymes,” "Sucker Ducks” and the title track make Lexington + Whatevski a formidable debut from a seasoned duo. (Palette)