Out of Tune Renditions of "Wonderwall" and "Faith" Get Buskers Banned in the UK

Out of Tune Renditions of 'Wonderwall' and 'Faith' Get Buskers Banned in the UK
Basically, for every great busker, there is an utterly horrible one. You know, the type who never really learned how to tune a guitar or sing in key, or who tries to add some awful gimmick to their act, like playing guitar while hula-hooping (seriously, we've seen this). Well, the UK city of Birmingham is fed up with two such crummy buskers, so much so that it has banned them from performing for two years.

As the Associated Press reports, two men have been torturing residents in the central England city by repeatedly playing "late-night and out of tune renditions" of the same two songs: "Wonderwall" by Oasis and "Faith" by George Michael. The pair riled up residents so much so that they eventually took their case to Birmingham City Council, which today laid down the ban against the two buskers: 40-year-old James Ryan and 39-year-old Andrew Cave.

For the next two years, the men are barred from entering the Birmingham suburb of Moseley Village and from playing musical instruments there, AP reports. The council also banned them from begging anywhere in England or Wales.

Unfortunately, this guy continues to roam free and is still allowed to play when and wherever he pleases: