Others Past Futuristic

While North Carolina’s apparently in a crunk-fixated state, Little Brother emerged last year as an alternative and now another trio from the region with similar goals has emerged. Madwreck, Mr. Mattic and DR see themselves as outcasts in their area, hence the name the Others. Their music draws heavily on the late ’80s and mid-’90s New York sound, explaining the title Past Futuristic. Can it be all so simple? For the most part, the answer is yes. Mr. Mattic & Madwreck kick battle rhymes for the duration, but the lyrics aren’t particularly jaw-dropping or varied in subject matter. Faring much better is the comparatively imaginative production of the group. The jazzy boom-bap feel provided mainly by Madwreck is their core but it is often complemented by quirky sound bites and interludes. It’s only when these esoteric ingredients are actually fully integrated into songs like "Survival’s Got Me Buggin’” and "The Opener’s Love Change” that the obvious promise of this trio to reach that mythic next level is unquestionably confirmed. (Third Earth)